Dokumentarni video Guiyang - Kunming

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Dokumentarni video Guiyang - Kunming

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Guiyang to Kunming railway build in 1960s, the most famous bridge in this railway is Tianshengxia bridge located in Beipanjiang Tianshengqiao section. Old Tianshengxia bridge has 55m high and total length 445m, in 2012, new Guiyang to Kunming double track railway completed, build a larger new Tianshengxia bridge with 104m high,just parallel the old bridge. From this video's 24:00 to 25:00 we can seen the Tianshengxia bridge(Tianshengqiao, in Chinese means nature arch bridge)

The Tianshengxia bridge's most intersting thing is it in fact build on a giant nature arch more than 300m high. Beipanjiang cross a hole beneath this nature arch ,the old and new railway bridge all located on this giant limestone arch strcture. At 1960s Chinese engineers can't overcome great difficulties to cross nearly 1000m deep Beipanjiang gorge,so they choice cross this river through it's only nature arch to reduce high of the bridge. Now people can use long tunnels to reduce bridge's height, but mordern day Beipanjiang railway bridges still need nearly 300m high above this the most narrow canyon in the world.

Guiyang to Kunming railway Tianshengxia bridge located between Weining county,Guizhou and Xuanwei county,Yunnan; cross Beipanjiang, just a few miles upstream of the highest bridge in the world——Beipanjiang bridge Duge

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